About Cinderella


About Cinderella

Bringing out the beauty of global citizens through our 3-ever philosophy


The eternal realization of your dreams.

Here at Cinderella, we help you become the “you” that you had always dreamed of. With ceaseless passion and effort, Cinderella strives to make citizens of the world’s dreams of everlasting beauty come true.


No. 1 in the world.

South Korea has gained recognition as the “Plastic Surgery Capital of The World”. As a greater number people from all over make their way to Korea expecting top-tier medical services, Cinderella is constantly striving to exceed all expectations from the top of the global beauty medical industry.


The realization of any and all wishes about plastic surgery.

Cinderella seeks to provide 100% patient-oriented medical services. Through innovation, Expertise, and a well-established 8-tier cooper
ation system, we differentiate ourselves by providing surgery and service of the best quality where all of our patient’s wishes can come true in one place.

Cinderella Plastic Surgery


Cinderella Plastic Surgery, composed by the cosmetic surgery, Dr. JP cosmetic line, dermatology and dentistry departments, is always on an endeavor to achieve customer satisfaction. On this endeavor, our specialized medical staff for every area has developed an organized system in order to provide customers with even more effective medical services: the best surgery results, with the best safety protocols and state-of-the-art equipment.

In order to gain recognition not only domestically but abroad, we at Cinderella are always at work to raise the surgery Satisfaction rate, and diminish customer burden. While thinking of the day where everyone who visits Cinderella can have their wishes fulfilled, we shall continue to be the beauty medical group leading the creation of a new paradigm of beauty that encompasses the balance of beauty and health.

First Term


Foundation: finding balance, safety and harmony.

Since the very beginning, Cinde
rella has worked with a motto of balance, safety, and harmoni
ous beauty. From day 1, our goal has been to maximize the effects and minimize the proce
dures and their invasiveness, in order to achieve the desired improvement while protecting the patient’s features and their individuality.

Second Term


Growth & Development: Becoming a Success Partner for Celebrities.

Here at Cinderella, we believe that the true meaning of plastic surgery is to help each individ
ual take a step closer towards their dreams. With a principle of enhancing what is there, we have been a part of the journey of several public figures, ear
ning a reputation as a partner who helped them on their way to success, and an outstanding medical service provider.

Third Term


Beyond Asia and Into the World: Global Expansion

As a result of years of work in order to help citizens of the world realize the full potential of their beauty, Cinderella has grown into a Global Beauty Medical Group; moving forward, thanks to the efforts of each department, to become a key piece of Korea’s medical sector.

Cinderella’s History Timeline


NICE Technology Assessment ‘Outstanding Enterprise’ Accreditation

Inauguration of Cinderella Otorhinolaryngology Clinic

Development of Cinderella’s ‘Shake Shake’ fat melting technology

Implementation of ‘Patient’s Right to Know Protection Program’


Featuring in Dong-A TV’S ‘Park Na-Rae, Jang Do-Yeon’s Challenge! Becoming Cinderella’ Selection and Feature in ‘Kind Plastic Surgery’ TV program

Development of ‘Top Core Two-Jaw Surgery’ technology


Korea Online Ranking 1st Place • Specialized Hospital & Plastic Surgery Hospital Categories

Featuring in JTBC’s ‘White Swan’


‘Korea Satisfaction Customer Index’ 1st Place Grand Prize • Plastic Surgery Category

‘Premium Brand Awards’ Grand Prize • Global Medical Brand Category

Korea Tourism Organization’s ‘Korea Medical Tourism Service Excellence’ Award

Medical Korea’s ‘Cutting Edge Medical Services’ Award


Participation in The International Beauty Expo

Inauguration of Cinderella Gynecology & Obstetrics

Cinderella Plastic Surgery homepage renewal

Medical Korea 2013 Grand Prize • Plastic Surgery Category

Featuring in Dong-A TV’s ‘Challenge! Becoming Cinderella - Season 4’ broadcast.


Inauguration of Cinderella Dermatology Center

Inauguration of Cinderella Anti-aging Center

Inauguration of Cinderella Aesthetic Center

Launching of Dr. JP Cosmetic Line

Participation in The 17th China Beauty Expo

Participation in The 12th South Asia Beauty Expo

Establishment of MOU with Global Enterprise, Gleneagles

Establishment of MOU with Main Resort

Medical Korea’s 1st Prize 2012 • Two-Jaw Surgery Field


Inauguration of Cinderella Stem Cell Center

‘Korea Social Contribution Awards’ Grand Prize • Medical Personnel Category

‘Korea Lifestyle Awards’ Grand Prize • Medical Institution Category


Inauguration of Cinderella Dental Clinic

Inauguration of Cinderella Two-Jaw • Facial Contour Surgery Center

Opening of Cinderella’s Female Plastic Surgery Center


Korea Telecommunications’ “Best Plastic Surgery Clinic” award

Dong-A Ilbo’s “Best Plastic Surgery Clinic” award

Participation in 2009’s Shanghai International Beauty Expo


Selection by JoongAng Daily as a Superior Medical Institution

Completion of Cinderella’s 2nd Employee Family Workshop


Opening of Cinderella’s Customer Satisfaction Center

Participation in The 13th China Beauty Expo


Cinderella Plastic Surgery Center expansion project

Completion of Cinderella’s 1st Employee Family Workshop


Alliance with Stargate Acting Academy

Alliance with film production company, Hyun Jin Cinema


Foundation of Cinderella, Korea’s first celebrity-specialized plastic surgery clinic

Appointment as Jury and Beauty Consultant for the World Miss University Pageant

Alliance with the National Actors Labor Union

Alliance with MBC talent room

Alliance with KBS talent room

Alliance with SBS talent room

Alliance with MTM

Cinderella Plastic Surgery

The most outstanding medical service,
which pays mind to details and offers every single customer
the best attention and facilities, begins at Cinderella.


Asepsis & Safety Automatized Systems Held to International Standards


Cutting Edge High-precision Diagnosis System


Patented Knowledge & Specialist Cooperation System


Intensive Post-operative Care System


Systemized Anesthesia Administration & Monitoring


Professional Translation & Interpretation Services


Post-surgery Follow-up & Management System