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43 Complete Clearer Eye Shape with Canthoplasty Procedures!

(Cinderella Real Model, Yang Ye Won)  The eye is a region that has a great influence on human’s impression and image, and the overall impression can vary greatly depending on size and shape. While large and clear eyes look refined, too small or blurry eyes can give a less clear image or be remembered for a stuffy impression. As a result, many people who complain of a complex because they don’t like the shape of their eyes have recently chosen eye canthoplasty surgeries a lot. Canthoplasty is a surgical method for increasing the left and right width and upper with of the eyes, if the distance between the eyes is far, if the length of the eyes is short and it looks stuffy, and if the inner corners of the eyes are pointed, if the outer corners are upturned which make a fierce image, it is suitable for patients who want a lot clearer eyes. “What type of canthoplasty do I need?”The types of canthoplasty can be divided into three main types, with the following eye features requiring each method : 1.     Epicanthoplasty : If the wide of the eyes is small, if the eyes look distant, if the eyes look stuffy because the front of the double eyelid is closed, and if the force to open the eyes seems weak due to the severe wrinkles.2.     Lateral Canthoplasty : If the outer part of the eye is short so the eyes look small and stuffy, and if the outer corners are upturned.3.     Lower Canthoplasty : If the lower pupil of the eyes is obscured, and if the eyes look fierce. Epicanthoplasty uses the method of opening the front of the eyes while removing the Mongolian folds by making incisions on the inside and under the eyes without making an incision between the eyes. The advantage of the epicanthoplasty is that the scar is not visible and that you can change your eyes by adjusting the slope in front of your eyes. It can also be used for all kinds of Mongolian folds, so it’s very easy to control the degree of opening, and if you do it with double eyelid surgery, your eyes will be a lot larger. Lateral Canthoplasty / Lower Canthoplasty is an operation that extends the width and are of the eyes by incision of the outer corners, and opens the skin, ligamnets, and mucous membrane of the outer corners to the side and bottom. Especially, by doing Lateral Canthoplasty and Lower Canthoplasty at the same time, the width of the eye and the length of the eye are widened. Usually, if your eyes look fierce and you want eyes that look mild or if the upper and lower width of the eye is short, making the eyes look stuffy, are the most appropriate surgical procedures for these cases. As the length of the eyes widens, not only does the eyes open clearly, but it also lowers the fierce-looking outer corners to soften the impression. In the case of the Lower Canthoplasty, it is preferred method of canthoplasty procedure because it does not leave a visible scar on the inside of the eye, so it can make a natural eye shape without any awkwardness after surgery. Since the way you proceed depends on your eye condition, it is advisable to consult with a specialist to find the right method.        

September 18, 2020


42 Cheekbone Reduction! Type-specific surgery to ensure safety

(Cinderella Real Model, Sukunya)  Face shape is an important factor in determining the overall image in the first impression. Especially, the cheekbones are the area that give a strong three-dimensional effect and when they protrude too much, the face can look wider and the impression can be very strong. Since cheekbones account for a large portion of the overall image of the face, if you have a cheekbone complex, you have to consider Cheekbone Reduction. A cheekbone surgery is a direct bone-touch operation that requires discretion in hospital selection. The Cheekbone Reduction to improve the face shape is an operation in which the degree of correction varies depending on the patient’s cheekbone development and the effect varies accordingly. Therefore, if you perform surgery by analyzing your bone condition, skin elasticity, and degree of fat accurately, you can get a slim and three-dimensional facial line. Since Cheekbone Reduction is a bone-related surgery, many people know it as a lift-threatening surgery. This information is exaggerated and there are cases of damage due to excessive approaches, so there are some people who hesitate to get the surgery. For satisfactory cheekbone reduction without aftereffects, thorough preoperative planning should be established based on CT analysis, and it is important to receive cheekbone reduction through sufficient consultation with a plastic surgeon who has the know-how in surgery. Analytic Phase      1.     Analysis through consultation – Through consultation with a plastic surgeon, the patient’s condition (apparent skeletal condition, skin elasticity, fat degree, etc.) and the patient’s requirements are analyzed. 2.     Face Proportional In-depth Analysis – Based on the golden ratio of a beautiful face, the overall face ratio of a patient is analyzed in depth.3.     CT Precision – Analyze the bone structure of areas not visible to the eyes through CT. Cheekbone Reduction is a surgery in which satisfaction varies depending on the experience and know-how of the medical staff who perform the surgery. In Cinderella Clinic, we accurately analyze the patient's face and adjust the angle of the bone to find the ideal volume for the individual. Cinderella Plastic Surgery diagnoses the face condition of each individual patient and then performs Cheekbone Reduction on a 1:1 basis. Through sufficient consultation and examination results, high-quality and stable surgery is possible with extensive knowledge and know-how.     

September 16, 2020


41 Small differences in face, Nose tip surgery

(Cinderella Real Model, Alvynna) A very “small difference” plays a crucial role in creating a balance and a good image of the face, just as a few words of advertising copy move one’s mind. In this sense, plastic surgery is an art that finds and creates a “small difference.” Among them, ‘nose tip plastic surgery’ is the best work. The reason why ‘nose tip surgery’ has been in the spotlight recently is that it can create a harmonious nose shape for individuals by grasping the overall balance between the nose shape and the entire face. With a slightly upturned nose tip, it can highlight cute and innocent images or emphasize intelligent and sharp images. Asians usually have a thick layer of fat on top of the cartilage with the tip of the nose spreading sideways. A blunt, puffy nose is common in Koreans, making the impression look stuffy. Even this rustic-looking nose can be corrected through nose tip surgery. You can give points by collecting cartilage at the tip of your nose while reseating the cartilage at the tip of your nose, and if the tip of your nose is low, calculate the appropriate height for your face and decide how to treat it according to your skin condition. In order for "small differences" to succeed, constant careful attention and effort must be given, and the process of completing the beauty of the tip of the nose must also start with special attention to the overall balance and proportion of the face. 

September 14, 2020


40 If considering Double Eyelid Surgery and Canthoplasty, you should check ‘these’.

 (Cinderella's Real Model, Lee Jin Ah) Double Eyelid Surgery is one of the most frequently performed surgeries in plastic surgery clinics in Gangnam and other areas, as it is said to be the flower of plastic surgery among teenagers and twenties. In particular, many people who visit plastic surgery clinics in Gangnam often visit clinics because the image change is very large and clear even if the double eyelid line is created with small and plain eyes.  In particular, eye plastic surgery has a wide range of subjects, ranging from young students to middle-aged people. As a result, apps that recommend various clinics and the plastic surgery community are overflowing with information on plastic surgery, reviews of plastic surgery, and plastic surgery, making it difficult to distinguish the authenticity of the information, which makes it more difficult to find the right surgical method and hospital.  Since double eyelid surgery or eye plastic surgery such as Epicanthoplasty. Lateral Canthoplasty, etc. can have different results depending on the individual’s eye condition and shape, it is explained that rather than trusting 100 percent of plastic surgery reviews such as other people’s experiences, it is said that consulting with a specialist to find a customized surgical method that suits the person is a shortcut to getting better results.  “Double Eyelid Surgery is an eye surgery that designs double eyelid lines by non-incisional or incisional methods in the single eyelid, and increases the length of the eye,” said Cheong Jong Pil, director (Specialist in Plastic Surgery) of Cinderella Plastic Surgery Clinic in Gangnam. It seems like a relatively simple operation, but it is a relatively difficult operation that can change the shape of the eyes and the image depending on which design you choose. Also, there is a surgical method named “Canthoplasty” that is a lot done simultaneously with the Double Eyelid Surgery. The Canthoplasty procedures make the eyes bigger and clearer by increasing the horizontal length of the eyes, so it can be applied to those that have Mongolian folds in front of the eyes, or that their eyes look small with a sharp rise in the tail of the eyes, or that they look stuffy due to the sort width of the eyes. The Epicanthoplasty is an operation that removes some of the wrinkles on the skin called mongolian folds that cover the inner part of the eye and opens it up for a lot longer image. If the front part of the eye is cover with the Mongolian folds, it is difficult to get a pretty line because the line of the front part of the eyelid is covered even if you make a double eyelid line. In this case, the double eyelid surgery and the epicanthoplasty can help improve the stuffy eyes with a lot clearer image. The Lateral Canthoplasty cannot only open the outer part of the eye by incision of the skin and conjunctiva at the end of the eye, but also lengthen the horizontal length, and improve the impression smoothly. On the other hand, the Lower Canthoplasty is a method of slightly outward adjustment of the eyelid by incision of the conjunctiva under the eye, and when performed with this procedure, you can see the effect of the stuffy eye tail being large. The Director Cheong Jong Pil said, “The skin around the eyes is light, so it is easy to get scars, and if the shape changes once it is open, it is difficult to get a surgery again, so you should carefully consider the skin condition, shape and size of the eyes. Instead of relying on information such as reviews and advertisements in an era where plastic surgery information is abundant, it is important to make sure that customized surgery is possible for me with sufficient know-how and treatment with a specialist with extensive surgical experience.”  

September 04, 2020


39 Septal Deviation, Rhinoplasty simultaneous operation.

 (Dr. Shin Hong Park) Septal deviation is a major cause of nasal congestion, and many people with symptoms that interfere with their daily lives, such as nasal congestion, headaches, and poor concentration, are being treated. The symptoms of nasal congestion due to septal deviation are caused by a deviated structural deformation of the septal cartilage inside the nose, which is ineffective or temporary with medication. Therefore, surgical treatment that corrects fundamentally deviated structure is effective. For those who decide to do surgical treatment for septal deviation, many people who have a nose shape complex often receive Rhinoplasty at the same time. The nose is located in the center of the face, which plays an important role in determining the overall image of the face. There are various shapes such as hump nose, deviated nose, bulbous nose and upturned nose and the method of surgery varies depending on gender such as male rhinoplasty and female rhinoplasty.  Let’s find out why it is good to get both septal deviation surgery and rhinoplasty at the same time. Septal deviation+Rhinoplasty refers to correcting the deviated nasal septum inside the nose while also forming the outer surface of the nose. Functional treatment for improving the septal deviation and rhinoplasty are performed at the same time. It makes the inside of the nose hard and proceeds with rhinoplasty so that you can make a strong and beautiful nose line. If you proceed with the rhinoplasty with the nasal septum deviated, there may be limitations in creating the ideal nose shape.If the nasal septum is deviated and you proceed with raising the nose tip without an examination and treatment, the inside of the nose is already deviated and an implant is inserted, so the nose may become more deviated over time. Therefore, if you are thinking of rhinoplasty, you should improve your nasal septum first and then undergo rhinoplasty to prevent side effects such as bending implants or severe nasal congestion.  In the case of the deviated nose, straightening the outer part without taking into account septal deviation can increase the possibility of recurrence and worsen nasal congestion. Therefore, the possibility of these symptoms can be reduced only when both deviated nose surgery and septal deviation surgery are performed.  To improve your hump nose / wide nose, you need to narrow the nose bridge through nasal bone osteotomy. If you do not solve the septal deviation, you may not be able to narrow the nasal bone or cause nasal congestion. Therefore, you need to improve your hump nose and septal deviation at the same time to not only improve the congestion but also your nose shape. The remaining septal cartilage after the septal deviation surgery is a good material for strengthening the tip of the nose. If you use the remaining cartilage as a nose tip implant after correcting the deviated septal cartilage, you can expect a more natural and beautiful nose line.  

August 04, 2020


38 Liposuction, not a weight loss surgery but a body type correction.

 (Cinderella Chief Surgeon, Dr. Chung Jong Pil) Dieting is like a lifelong homework for women. We also use various methods such as exercise, diet, and intermittent fasting for our slim body. Unless you have a steady management, you may see a lot of cases where you temporarily lose weight and quickly return to starting point.Some people are considering liposuction as a medical alternative if they want to see a short-term rapid effect, or if they cannot lose weight by exercise or diet. It should be remembered that liposuction is not just a ‘weight loss surgery’ but a ‘body correction’ to get in shape. What is Liposuction?Liposuction is an operation to correct the body shape by removing excessive accumulated skin and fat from the body using sound pressure, ultrasonic wave, or laser. If you inhale more than 10% of your body weight, you may be in danger, so it is important to make a healthy body by inhaling an adequate amount rather than inhaling a lot unconditionally.Is there an immediate weight loss effect after liposuction?It is important to keep in mind that liposuction is a surgery to straighten the body line rather than lose weight, i.e. a surgery to correct the body shape. Many expect that liposuction can lead to dozens of kilograms of successful loss and dramatic changes, but this is a misconception. Usually, the maximum amount that can be removed with a single liposuction is 5000cc, and the weight that can be reduced by inhaling this amount is 4-5kg at most. In order to evenly remove fat from the entire body, such as the abdomen, arms, and legs, you have to receive two or three separate surgeries and at this point, it is recommended that you leave at least one to three months before the next operation is performed at intervals of three to four weeks.After Liposuction, does the Yo-yo effect happen?The number of fat cells in our body continues to increase until we grow up, but when we become an adult, any further increase in numbers will be eliminated and quantitative expansion of each fat cell will occur. Liposuction reduces the number of fat cells and the reduced cells do not grow again, so if you consistently prevent quantitative expansion by combining postoperative diet and exercise, the postoperative results can be maintained continuously.What is the medical institution’s choice for safe liposuction?Liposuction can cause uneven or bumpy skin surfaces if the fat is not evenly inhaled, so the surgeon’s clinical experience is more important than anything else because the operation requires consideration of overall harmony and balance.While the price and cost of liposuction is important, it is important to plan and receive surgery from a specialize with extensive experience and know-how in liposuction for safe and satisfactory surgery. In order to help with rapid recovery of bruises, swelling and scars after surgery, the medical institution providing systematic follow-up care after surgery, the presence of an anesthesiologist for safe surgery, and the establishment of a safety system to prepare for any eventualities should be carefully examined.     

July 13, 2020


37 Under Eye Fat Repositioning

(Cinderella Real Model, Una) As the skin around the eyes is thin, it can be damaged quickly. It's hard to recover once it's damaged, so there are a lot of people who have worries regardless of age. Everyone of all ages hopes to have a bright impression. Every time they look in the mirror, the dark and dull dark circles under their eyes only deepen as the days go by, so worries can grow day by day. Especially among young people in their 20s and 30s, dark circles are severe, which can have psychological effects due to complex and stress. This is caused by too much fat under the eyes, or by sagging muscles or skin under the eyes.For this reason, more and more people are asking about Under Eye Fat Repositioning. Dark circles, which are caused by protruding under-eye fat that young people are worried about these days, can be caused by natural sagging skin caused by aging, or excessive under-eye fat. However, pigmentation or blood vessels cannot be improved.When you are in your 30s and 40s or older, the septum structure surrounding the area under your eyes is weakened, causing the area under your eyes to be pushed out and bulging, which is why the lacrimal groove under your eyes become deeper and darker under your eyes.Depending on the shape of the under-eye area, the surgical procedure may vary. If you have a large excess of under-eye fat, / Insufficient under-eye fat / Appropriate under-eye fat. First of all, if you have a large amount of under-eye fat, remove excess fat and relocate the remaining fat to make the under-eye area even and flat without any hollow or protruding fat. Second, if you lack the amount of fat under your eyes, it's difficult to fill up your lacrimal groove due to lack of eye fat, so you need to do a fat grafting at the same time. Third, if the eye fat is adequate, instead of removing the eye fat, spread the original fat evenly to make the eye area flat. It's very important to understand the condition under your eyes and to perform the surgery accordingly, rather than necessarily rearranging the fat under your eyes because you have dark circles. Not only do you need to be sophisticated when performing under-eye surgery, but you can expect good results from personal designs rather than uniform methods. Cinderella Plastic Surgery has a detailed understanding of the amount of fat under the eye or the structure under the eye, and plans for personalized treatment based on the analysis. Our medical staff also presents more sophisticated surgery with long experience and abundant know-how. From Under Eye Fat Repositioning to removal and dark circles, under-eye fat surgery can expect positive results depending on who did "how well" the surgery.   

July 06, 2020


36 Revision Rhinoplasty, not to fail.

(Dr. Park Shin Hong) In the case of Rhinoplasty, what you need to be cautious about is not just unconditionally making the nose higher but choosing a material that fits your nose condition after understanding the harmony of the whole face and the properties of the material. In particular, the nose is known to have more surgeries due to side effects than other parts. Of course, there can be a variety of reasosn, such as having surgery again according to the trend, not necessarily because of side effects. Once you decide to do the revision, the first thing you need to do is clearly diagnose the current state of your nose and the causes and problems of primary surgery failure. Therefore, when choosing a revision rhinoplasty hospital, it is important to see if the hospital has a system that can clearly diagnose the cause of the failure of the first surgery and consult with a skilled doctor who has had a lot of experience in revision rhinoplasty. Choosing a proven and talented hospital determines the outcome of the surgery because revision rhinoplasty requires improvements not only in aesthetic but also in functional areas. There are a variety of cases that require revision rhinoplasty. For example, if the nose is crooked, if the area of the nose is marked with change in color, such as red or blue, or if you are dissatisfied with the shape after surgery in the past. In particular, if the implant is experiencing problems, it is necessary to first clearly identify whether its position is abnormal or a it is a problem with the cartilage or nasal bone, and then select the appropriate surgical method. Solutions based on various side effects1. Cause of the nose tip implant reflection – If the nose bridge is excessively high or if the implant is excessively inserted beyond the skin’s coverage, problems such as reflection will occur as the skin becomes thinner, and the height should be adjusted and correct the implant again.2. Cause of the implant bending – If the nose is bent due to insufficient space for the implant during first operation, the current implant should be removed and replace with appropriate implant.         3. Cause of the inflammation and spherical construction – Inflammation around the nose where the implant is inserted causes stiffness and contraction of the implant which causes the skin to pull. In this case, the scar tissue should be eased after removing the implant and then correcting it using the septal cartilage or the artificial cartilage. Solution based on dissatisfaction Rhinoplasty, which has been seduced by trends without considering face proportions, eventually leads to unsatisfactory shape. You have no choice but to consider revision, and since it is a re-improvement of your own nose shape, it should be done after consulting with your specialist, considering the shape and condition. After analyzing the overall face ratio of the patient’s eyes, nose, and forehead, the nose shape that is harmonized with the face will be designed to carry out customized surgery. And lastly, the procedure at the time of surgery is important, but the results may vary depending on postoperative care and the recovery speed may also be accelerated. You can check what management methods exist and follow them well to achieve satisfactory results without any side effects.  

June 29, 2020


35 Breast Surgery, the reason why we should choose depending on body types.

(Cinderella Real Model)  In the past, if the weight of size was high in determining the beauty of the breasts, now the proportion of not only the size but also the natural breast lines and the soft touch like my real breasts is increasing. When you want to gain volume through breast surgery, if you focus only on size, you will be far from being natural. Natural breast surgery is the procedure that satisfy the touch, shape, movement, and size. What kind of surgery in needed for breast surgery that match your body type? Even it is Breast Augmentation, it is different for each individual’s body type. Depending on the size of the body you have, selecting an implant can help you achieve satisfactory results. For example, if the thorax is small, it may be difficult to select the size of the desired implant, which may be constrained in breast surgery. What will be the best way for this? If you have a small thorax, the size of the implant should be different. Choose an implant that fits the size of your thorax, but the height varies depending on the desired volume, from natural lines to rich volumes. 1. If you have a small thorax – select smaller width and narrow height.2. If you have a normal thorax – general implants available for selection.3. If you have a huge thorax – select wider width and narrow height. For those who are considering the breast augmentation, they are generally thin and small. If you have a certain amount of fat in your breasts, thick breast tissue, and good elasticity of your skin, you can get a better feel, but a lot of people are wondering if you will notice it after surgery because the opposite is often the case. Therefore, in order to avoid this phenomenon, surgical methods and selection of implants are very important. The Breast Surgery with Implant, in which the implants are inserted into the breasts by skin stripping, require high difficulty and accurate technical skills because the shape and recovery of the breasts depend on the method of stripping, size, and insertion method, and the risk of spherical construction. The shape and size of the implants vary depending on the type, and if no side effects occur, the shape will last permanently. Although it is hard to ignore the fact that the texture is somewhat less than that of the fat grafting, the texture of implants is also increasing as the types of implants are diversified due to the development of technology. In order to ensure that breast surgery does not lead to re-operation, it requires a sufficient understanding of breast surgery, consultation with a specialist, and safe and delicate surgery. It is important to keep in mind that you should avoid impulsive plastic surgery and make a decision based on various factors such as the hospital’s ability, safety, accountability, and follow-up management to achieve more satisfactory results.      

June 22, 2020


34 Face Lift

(Cinderella's Chief Surgeon, Dr. Cheong Jong Pil) Of course, as lift expectancy increases, interest in health and appearance is increasing as well. So people are trying hard to make a young-looking style to make themselves look a lot younger than their actual age.As people get older, their elasticity decreases and their skin gets droopy. As a result, it causes droopy cheeks, laugh lines, wrinkles under the eyes and around the mouth, which make a bad impression and cause complex. At this time, it can be improved through relatively simple procedures such as Botox and filler, but this is not a fundamental solution, and the retention period itself is short, so it is a hassle that must be repeated. It is quite natural that aging begins as you get older, but the skin condition can vary depending on how you take care of it. “The only way to improve deep wrinkles is the Face Lift.”The Face Lift is an operation to improve the overall wrinkles on the face, which improves wrinkles by cutting the skin and pulling the facial skin and muscles together. It is not just a lifting procedure, but it also improves the peritoneal layer (SMAS) under the skin to improve the underlying causes of sagging skin and to provide long-term effects rather than temporary ones. Under the eyes, laugh lines, cheeks, under the chin that are drooping and collapsed facial lines can be improved to a slim jawline without having to cut bones. Since Face Lift is not a simple operation, it is necessary to accurately identify the tissue of the skin, the shape of wrinkles, and the bone before designing in order to lift accurately without side effects. An accurate diagnosis can produce satisfactory results with a single operation. Therefore, you should make sure that you find a plastic surgeon who can present a solution that fits your current condition before deciding on surgery. 

June 15, 2020