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17 Anesthesia Q&A

 1. What is the biggest difference between General Anesthesia and Deep Sedation?rGeneral Anesthesia inhibits the central nerves function responsible for consciousness and body sense, and does not wake up to any irritation. Both motions and reflex actions are stopped. Deep Sedation reacts by mild irritation, such as talking or tapping, minimizing pain and anxiety.  2. Is there a correlation between Deep Sedation and drinking alcohol?If you are physically strong or frequently exposed to a drug, it may be difficult for you to fall asleep very well after anesthesia.Some of these drugs include alcohol, sleeping pills, and stimulants. Those who often drink alcohol or describe it as generally strong may not be able to sleep well, but the amount of anesthetic needed for anesthesia increases more than the average person. On the other hand, people who can't drink well may not be also easy to fall asleep under anesthesia.That's why we ask how much the patient can drink before the anesthesia. 3. Can't I get anesthetized if I have a fever and cough?A fever or cough is a sign of other diseases such as a cold, and it is advisable to delay surgery due to the increased incidence of respiratory complications, as this can be accompanied by bronchitis or pneumonia. 4. Can't I get anesthetized if I polish my nails?Nail polish does not affect the anesthesia itself. However, since the oxygen saturation level of the patient is measured by a hand-held machine during anesthesia, it is difficult to check the oxygen saturation when applying nail polish, so it is a rule to remove all pre-anesthesia nail polish.  5. Can't I eat before anesthesia?Fasting is a must before anesthesia. If you eat food, your airway may be blocked due to the back up of the stomach contents, so fasting is a rule for eight hours before surgery.

March 20, 2020


16 Alvynna's Real Story

Before & After Name: Alvynna Types of Surgeries: Rhinoplasty, Thread Lifting, Fat Grafting, Breast Surgery Hello Everyone. I am Alvynna from Malaysia. Today I am going to introduce you my plastic surgery story.  What I do is I make videos and upload them on YouTube to communicate with you. Because of my job, I have to film a lot of videos and monitor a lot. I think I am charming, but my nose is so low in the video that my face looks spread out and it doesn't look as pretty as it actually is. And I want to take a lot of pictures when I travel and upload them, but I don't look it especially when I wear bikini, I lose confidence every time I watch a video that shows my flat breasts. Because of these complexes, I decided to get plastic surgery.  After searching a lot of information on the Internet, I found out that Korea's plastic surgery technology is currently number one in the world. To be honest, it's not easy to travel to a country because of different language, but it's way harder to get plastic surgery in a foreign country. I've been thinking a lot about this problem. But I decided to go to Korea because I wanted to change more.  I had consultations at several large plastic surgery clinics in Korea, but I decided to get surgery done in Cinderella Clinic. The surgeon and the consultant consulted me in so much detail that I could trust the clinic even more.  I received only the necessary surgeries. They were Rhinoplasty, Breast Surgery, Thread Lifting and Fat Grafting. After the surgery, I felt uncomfortable breathing because of the cotton stuck in both nostrils. I had a hard time for a couple of days as if I had something pressed down on my breasts. But now that I'm done with it, I can see the change in my face, the change in the breasts, and it's nothing that I've had before. My nose bridge has gotten higher and a lot slimmer. I don't know how to express this feeling because my flat breasts got volumes. I'm so happy. I hope summer will come soon in pretty bikinis.  Thank you so much to the surgeon. My confidence has been restored and many changes in my life have come. Don't hesitate and make a strong decision like me everyone! :)  Pre-operation Images Post-operation Images    

March 18, 2020


15 Nose Shape that decides Facial Impression, What Should be Noted when you do Rhinoplasty?

 The nose is natural and beautiful when it is in harmony with all parts of the face, but most people are the first to think of Rhinoplasty as a nose-raising procedure. However, there are many different ways to make an ideal nose for yourself. The nose also looks simple on the outside, but inside the nose is made up of complex structures. Therefore, accurate diagnosis by a skilled specialist before the operation is very important.  First of all, nose bridge surgery that raises the nose not only helps the nose bridge but also the tip of the nose to make it look prettier overall. Through this procedure it helps create harmony with the face. If satisfied with the nose bridge but when the nose is short or the shape of the nose is low or blunt, or if the tip of the nose looks wide due to the spread of the cartilage, it is recommended that you consider Alar Reduction and Tip Plasty. In addition, if you have a hump nose or the nose is deviated, the operation to correct the shape is necessary. Though you have already had Rhinoplasty and you are not satisfied with the shape, or if you have side effects, you will have to get a thorough diagnosis and consultation to choose the right method of Revision Rhinoplasty. Revision Rhinoplasty requires a high level of difficulty so you must find a skilled specialist.  Rhinoplasty should be operated in a way that improves shortcomings through personal-tailored design considering height, shape and line and can be implemented naturally by selecting prosthesis and surgical methods that fit the individual's nose with the safety of the patient first.      

March 05, 2020


14 When Selecting Plastic Surgery Clinic, Identifying Exclusive Charge of Anesthesia System Required

 Although there are more and more people choosing to do plastic surgery every year, there are many difficulties in selecting a hospital with a flood of plastic surgery clinics and information.However, if you are looking forward to doing plastic surgery, you can increase your satisfaction by focusing on plastic surgery methods and safety rather than trends and prices.It is very important to find out specifically what points to check for safer plastic surgery because the most important thing is safety but it is rarely scrutinized prior to surgery.Therefore, it is recommended to have a thorough evaluation of the trained know-how in safety management, the presence of an anesthesiologist, and advanced safety equipment facilities when selecting plastic surgery clinic.When you perform a major operation, you get a general anesthesia, and the role of an anesthesiologist is important. The patient's condition needs to be closely monitored, especially during post-anesthesia. Since symptoms such as malignant hyperthermia can occur after general anesthesia, anesthesiologist should be present at all times.Malignant hyperthermia is a sudden fever that accompanies paralysis and is known to occur only during general anesthesia, which is very rare with 0.0006% chance, but the death rate in the event of an outbreak is very high so must be taken care of.It is recommended that you check out a hospital with an anesthesiologist who can give you first aid immediately, as malignant hyperthermia is a frightening symptom that can kill a patient once it occurs.

February 13, 2020


13 "Change life" on VTV2 introduced life changing story about Cam after plastic surgery conducted by Dr.Chung Jong-pil, Cinderella PS clinic, Korean Plastic Surgery

 SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On July 28, VTV2 launched the first episode of "Change life" season 3. The first personage is Cam, a 20 year-old girl who dreams of becoming a tour guide. The story of the girl with a protruded chin who got bullied by people around, who transformed completly after the surgery moved the audience in the studio.Cam had a lot of difficulties in daily life routines due to her protruded chin before the surgery. She also could not get proper treatment for her teeth due to her poor family condition. She had a dream of becoming a tour guide to introduce her hometown, Da Nang, but confessed that she was not confident standing in front of others.Later, she participated in "Change Life" and underwent plastic surgery to change her jaw, eyes and nose with the help of the medical team led by CEO Chung Jong-pil of the Cinderella plastic surgery in Korea. In particular, the Korean plastic surgery has restored her confidence, and transformed her brighter and happier person drawing great attention from viewers.The Cinderella plastic surgery department opened in 2004 and has grown into a global beauty medical group. Currently, Cinderella Clinic is composed of plastic surgery, dental clinic, gynecology and dermatology department, and strives to provide the best customer service, including winning Korea Consumer Satisfaction Index (KSCI) cosmetic surgery.Chung Jong-pil, head of the Korea's Cinderella plastic surgery clinic, said, "I am very happy that Cam found hope after her surgery(jaw correction, eyes and nose surgery as plastic surgery)," he explained, "Plastic surgery has a positive effect as it overcomes ones appearance complex and restores confidence."  The Change Life program with plastic surgery clinics in Korea is a social contribution program that helps mourners overcome their apparent disabilities and is aired on the Vietnamese state-run VTV2 every Saturday night.  Cinderella's Plastic Surgery Korea (English/Vietnam/Chinese)E-Mail :  Website : https://cindyhospital.comFacebook : : +82-10-6717-0032Line :  globalcindy Kakaotalk : cindy0032 

February 12, 2020


12 Una's Real Story

Types of Surgery : Fat Grafting, Eyes(Lateral Canthoplasty, Lower Canthoplasty), Under Eye Fat Repositioning, Rhinoplasty, Facial ContouringPre-Surgery​My name is Una, who is working as a model in Taiwan. At first, I started working as a model because I heard many times that I have a pretty figure. However, at some point, I felt a lot of limitations as a model with just a pretty figure. I heard a lot of people say that I look fierce because my cheekbones were very protruded. And since my facial line looked so bumpy and dull that the concept of the pictorial was always strong or needed a lot of photoshop. Therefore, I decided to do plastic surgery because I wanted to take a cosmetic pictorial of feminine image. Since there were many types of surgery I had to do and facial contouring was kind of a huge surgery, I decided to do the surgery in Korea where it is well-know to be very good at plastic surgery.   1 Day Post-Surgery​After the surgery, everyone said I look so great and when I looked into the mirror I looked totally like a different person. Honestly, after the surgery, when I woke up from the anesthesia, I regretted for a moment why I had done the surgery, however, I was so happy looking into the mirror thought I was sick. I was very moved bu the good cared and treatment of the nurse, translator and the surgeon.  6 Days Post-Surgery​Now that I am living my life without any inconvenience and seeing my swelling go down faster than I though, everyone is asking me to introduce the hospital. As the surgeon said, I avoided hard or tough food and did gargle steadily. I am taking more selfies that before. I am looking forward to seeing myself after all the swelling goes down.  2 Weeks Post-Surgery​About two weeks later, I received an offer from a broadcasting station and took this picture while waiting. Everyone didn't notice that I had plastic surgery except for that I was a bit awkward when speaking. All the members of the cast admired my ability to recover. I also didn't expect to recover this much in two weeks. So everyone was very interested in which hospital I had the plastic surgery. 2 Months Post-Surgery​Even though I look into the mirror everyday, surprisingly, I think there is someone else in the mirror. Now I am completely looking natural. Without a doubt, you see the effects? I really love how I look now.  The Present​Now that I have fully recovered, and there is nothing different than my pre-op life except for that I have just changed my face. I had the hardest time within 3-4 days after the surgery, but I cannot even remember the time when I look at how I have changed. I would have regretted a lot if I waited to do the surgery for longer time. I am so happy that so many people have paid attention to me. Thank you once again to the surgeon and the other medical staff of Cinderella Plastic Surgery Clinic who supported me to live my second life.  If you are still considering the surgery, you will not know when you will get lucky if you put off. I wish we could have a happy life everyday like me together.   

January 23, 2020


11 Methods of 1:1 Customized Rhinoplasty for Men Only!

 When it is time for holidays, the end of the year or to prepare for a job, there are a lot of people making inquiries about plastic surgery. In particular, men ask a lot about rhinoplasty because in the case of men, the nose is very effective to change impression so the first type they consider is the rhinoplasty. However, for men, the procedure should be different from that of women. Since the condition of skin differs compared to women and the aesthetic criteria they think are different, the preferred face may vary and the postoperative satisfaction may vary as well. Therefore, it has to be done in a method that is suitable for men.  The reason why a lot of men consider rhinoplasty is because the nose is the part of their face they mostly complain about. When you look from the side and you have a flat line that falls under your forehead, or your face looks wide from the front view so you don't have a three-dimensional look, the cause is in the nose mostly. You can get an attractive line through rhinoplasty if you have a low nose bridge, big and wide nasal balls, or deviated nose. However, instead of considering rhinoplasty just to get a very high nose or based on trends, considering the height of nose bridge, shape and line at the same time while also making sure the overall stability and the harmony of facial features will make you get more satisfactory result. Since men's and women's aesthetic ratios are different, it is important to gather a variety of plastic surgery information and get a face-to-face consultation with a surgeon that has a lot of experiences in the area for satisfactory male plastic surgery. In addition, it is also important to ensure that the system for patient's safety and recovery is well established.  

December 18, 2019


10 Types of Eye Surgery - Choose the type that suits me Chapter 1

  As the saying goes, “There is no end to wanting to be beautiful,”people are constantly pursuing beauty. Therefore, the number of people who naturally have plastic surgery is steadily increasing.The eye surgery and rhinoplasty which account for the largest proportion of plastic surgery types, are consistently popular because they have a great influence on image improvement.Since there are many procedures for the eye surgery, it is most important to choose the type that suits you, and today we will talk about dark circles.Dark circles are also one of the types of eye surgery. If the fat surrounding the area under the eyes is weak and droopy, creating a black shadow along the skeletal line next to the nose, or the muscles or veins in the lower part of the skin are visible, the phenomenon that appears to be purple or blue is the dark circles. In addition, there are cases where there are deep lacrimal grooves in the eyes. Other than this, melanin pigments can be created when there has been a long period of eczema or other diseases around the eyes. There are also vein extension or fine wrinkles that cause the dark circles.Most people think that dark circles are caused by just tiredness or genetic, and those are not unconditional pars, in which you can completely remove them if you first figure out the exact cause and then choose the right procedure of plastic surgery.Dark circles usually make you look very tired and older, so through surgery it can help improve your image to make you look young and lively. 

December 17, 2019


9 Let's give the hidden three-dimension facial line with Fat Grafting.

Cinderella Plastic Surgery Clinic's Model, Alvynna  Fat grafting is a procedure which is loved by everyone all around the world as it helps patients look younger, with the facial line looking more three-dimensional and as it also helps the face look smaller.  Because the fat grafting range is very wide, it can be applied extensively to various parts of the face, such as forehead, frontal cheeks, smile lines, frontal cheekbones, chin, and temples. The maintenance period is longer than the petit procedure of the filler.Also, it helps to fill the volume under the hollow eye.  In particular, Cinderella micro-filtered fat grafting is a process make your face look more natural and beautiful. By doing the procedure through injection by dividing into layers of dermis and epidermis, it has a high rate of adhesion and long retention period of lasting in your face, and smoothens deep wrinkles while giving natural volume improvement in areas that are hollow.   The contour can be improved through full-face fat grafting if the facial volume is hollow and your skin seems to be aging. Moreover, if there are both hollowness and wrinkles, the skin and dermis can be divided and fats can be transplanted to improve each region.  If you would like to achieve a three-dimensional facial line through fat grafting, you would have to perform the surgery with an experienced and specialised surgeon who has years of knowledge and extensive clinical experience with fat grafting. This helps the patients as it minimises side effects and there will also be a very high level of satisfaction.     

December 17, 2019


8 Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery; An operation where you can get a satisfactory result by choosing a hospital carefully.

 With the recent trend of plastic surgery, a lot of people visit plastic surgery clinics to get a consultation and perform surgery to improve their appearance. Especially for rhinoplasty, the nose it located in the center of the face, so it is one of the most preferred parts for image improvement.However, if you choose to do the surgery without careful thoughts, you may not be satisfied with the results or cause side effects that may lead to a revision surgery. So it is important to choose a plastic surgery clinic very carefully. Revision rhinoplasty surgery refers to surgery as a cause of aesthetic or functional dissatisfaction after the initial rhinoplasty or body rejection of the implants used. Because it is already very common, such as tissue changes and inflammation, revision surgery is much more difficult and requires extensive pre-op analysis and experience in rhinoplasty.  For revision rhinoplasty, if the entire nose is too high or too low, the design should be done by considering the ratio of the face and the condition of skin. If the tip of the nose is pushed down or lowered, a structure that can support the tip of your nose in a smooth, strong way, and maintain the tip of your nose should be created using adipose tissue.  In addition, it is recommended that you do a revision rhinoplasty surgery after 6 months till the entire tissue is softened after the first surgery. If you have an inflammation, it is safe to consider the revision surgery after the inflammation subsides. Because it may vary depending on the condition of the tissue or the content of the surgery, it should be carried out after an accurate consultation with an experienced surgeon.  Since the revision rhinoplasty surgery requires caution to the timing and side effects, it is recommended that you do your surgery after a detailed consultation and checking if the medical facility in the hospital is sufficient, and that a high level of anesthesia system considering emergency situations is conducted, and if the medical staff has the knowledge of handling various cases.         

December 17, 2019